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Monday, August 10, 2009

The Descent

The Descent is a 2005 British horror film written and directed by Neil Marshall. The film follows a group of women who embark on a caving expedition and become trapped underground. When a group of humanoid creatures begin attacking the women, they struggle to survive and to escape the cave.

Filming took place in the United Kingdom; exterior scenes were filmed in Scotland, and interior scenes were filmed in sets built at Pinewood Studios near London. The cave featured in the film was built at Pinewood because filmmakers considered it too dangerous and time-consuming to shoot in an actual cave. The Descent commercially opened in the United Kingdom on 8 July 2005 and later opened in the United States on 4 August 2006. The film was well received by critics, earning an 85% overall approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

When Neil Marshall's 2002 film Dog Soldiers was a success, the director received numerous requests to direct other horror films. The director was initially wary of being typecast as a horror film director, though he eventually agreed to make The Descent, emphasizing, "They are very different films." Defying convention, Marshall decided to cast only women in the main roles, going against the original plan for a gender diverse cast.

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