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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Truth about Men, Women, and Weight Loss

The statistics couldn’t be clearer: the world is getting fatter. Two-thirds of American adults are now overweight or obese. Men and women, empty nesters, and the newly married—the issue of excess weight touches the majority of households in some way. Clearly, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight are a desire and a need for millions of people..

In the world of medical research, men have traditionally been the guinea pigs. Until the past few decades, almost all research on major illnesses has focused on men. In fact, the male-favored gender gap has been criticized as discriminatory, and critics have suggested that it results in better medical care for men than for women. Why have scientists tended to focus their research on men? A key reason is that men are simpler to study from a biological perspective..

While the fundamental principles of weight loss are the same for both genders—expending more calories than are taken in—the elements that lead to the creation of the caloric deficit that invokes weight loss are not. Indeed, men and women are different; they are biologically
different and emotionally different..

Men and women are not only different physically; their psychological makeup is distinct as well. The emotional differences between men and women are an area of great interest. John Gray’s 1992 book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus caught the attention of the public, sparking discussions of the inherent differences between the genders when it comes to communication, reactions to problems, and sources of conflict.

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