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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Experience-Based Communication

Some time ago a renowned consultancy firm invited one of the authors of this book to a non-obligatory meeting about possible future cooperation. Initially the CEO and Communications Director informed us that the company had undergone a lengthy process in order to define a series of values that effectively described the firm. When asked what these were, the managers were able to remember only a few of them; they did, however, stress that humanity was one of the crucial values in relation to employees and customers.. (more..)

In the real world we are always in the spotlight. Companies are generally not very good at controlling their images, nor do they fully understand how crucial physical contact points can be. They forget to express their values through their behavior. Consider your personality for a moment: any experience you wish to create must come from the heart in order to be trustworthy and genuine. Experiences and messages cannot be donned like clothing; they are the essence of who you are! You must be the experience and the message and you must be true to both.. (more..)

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