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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Secrets

A distinct illiteracy characterises the French script, the punctuation being inaccurate, indeed frequently conspicuous by its absence, but an actual description of the document must be waived till later. Abraham was probably a native of Mayence, having come thence after the exile of the Jews from Spain, and appears to have been born in 1362. We find that his father, Simon by name, was something of a seer and magician, and that the boy accordingly commenced his occult studies under the parental guidance, while at a later date he studied under one, Moses, whom he himself describes as " indeed a good man, but entirely ignorant of The True Mystery, and of The Veritable Magic." (more..)

They are also known as the Great White Brotherhood, Great Hermetic Order, Rishis, Rahats, or Mahatmas. Those who earnestly desire to work for the betterment of the world may become apprentices or chelas to Adepts, in which case the latter are known as " masters, " but the apprentice must first have practised self-denial and self-development in order to become sufficiently worthy. The master imparts teaching and wisdom otherwise unattainable, and helps the apprentice by communion and inspiration. Madame Blavatsky (q.v.) alleged that she was the
apprentice of these masters, and claimed that they dwelt in the Tibetan Mountains. The term Adept was also employed by medieval magicians and alchemists to denote a master of their
sciences. (more..)

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