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Saturday, July 18, 2009

How to Advance to the Top?

Integrity, self-respect and ethical behavior should be the basic rules of life on the way up.

Most young people have the ambition to advance in their chosen, or accidentally found, career, to achieve success and security for themselves and their loved ones. This partly stems from the desire to be recognized and respected and also to have parents, family, and friends feel that their faith in them is vindicated. Lack of ambition generally results in lack of achievement and low financial status, unless one inherits or marries wealth. Yet ambition must be based on some reality or it leads to unhappiness and disappointment. You need to realize that achieving success requires dedication, hard work, and sacrifices by you and also by those closest to you. Therefore it is important to ask yourself whether there is a need to go through with the relentless pursuit of advancement, or whether you will be happy to do as little or as much as is needed to be comfortable with your present situation and enjoy life. To be successful at all costs, however, should not be the leading goal in life. Do not sacrifice the virtues that you have been brought up with. Do not scheme, lie, betray confidence, abandon friends, or plot. Even if any of it results in acceleration of career triumphs, you may regret the lack of respect resulting from your behavior. Remember that everything eventually leaks and becomes public. You also have to face yourself in the mirror every morning as you shave or apply makeup – and you want to have respect for the individual you see in the mirror.

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